Exercise Hut  - COVID Policy

Use of the exercise hut will be limited to one person at a time unless the people using the hut reside in the same household.

CCC will endeavor to provide sanitary wipes in the hut. Users will be required to wipe down each piece of equipment with a sanitary wipe immediately before and after use. Users should also wipe down high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, etc.

Residents must bring sanitary wipes with them to the hut to use for cleaning equipment in the event that the wipes provided by CCC have run out as of the time the user is occupying the hut. Residents are encouraged to open windows in the hut during use to maximize fresh air. And of course residents are reminded to close the windows upon leaving the hut.

To avoid time conflicts, reserve a time slot.     

Please login to access the calendar and reserve a time slot.